Thursday, March 6, 2014

Octobachi Asian Gastropub Review


The wifey and I hit up Octobachi Asian Gastropub this past weekend.  It has been on my list for awhile to go and check out.  Since we were in the area, we popped in for some dinner and beers.  Since we had the little guy with us, we only had one each, but they were both damn good.

Octobachi Asian Gastropub in located downtown where Spring Street and Rutledge Ave. meet.  It's a hip little spot that I can imagine gets a younger crowd who enjoy craft beer and tasty food.  (Taken from their website) "Hewitt Emerson and Adam jones are the leaders of the culinary creations. Using their talents to cook traditional southern cuisine, they demonstrate their creativity by combining southern cuisine with their passions for Asian food and macro/micro beer to create colorful and creative menus for the gastropub."  I felt this was an adequate description of my experience!

The menu is pretty extensive and fairly priced.   There is a huge selection of appetizers, sushi, and hibachi!   Plenty of noodles, pho (?) dim sum (what is that ?), a few salads, and a good amount of desserts.  For an appetizer we shared the Edamame, which was awesome.  We both went with the Pad Thai because we can't get enough of the shit stuff (and because we had no clue what pho and dim sum are...amateurs).  It was a pretty generous portion and we both went to town and cleaned our plates.  We took home the Tempura Bananas for dessert since we were both stuffed to the gills.

On to the craft beer!!! They have 21 craft beers on tap and on this day the prices ranged from $3 to $7 with the majority falling in the $5 and $6 range.  In addition, they carry a small but good selection of bottled/canned beer.   On our visit, some of the notable beers on tap were: Frothy Beard Photuris Pale Ale, Holy City Pluff Mud Porter, Mad River Serious Madness, Mad River Steelhead Double IPA, Southern Tier Live, Terrapin Tree Hugger, Thirsty Dog Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Imperial Stout, and Lagunitas Sucks Imperial Pilsner.  I went with the Mad River Serious Madness, which is a Black IPA.  The wifey went with the Lagunitas Sucks Imperial Pilsner.  Both beers were really, really good and I would definitely order them again. The bottle list was pretty sweet, featuring Sierra Nevada Harvest IPA, Great Divide Oak Aged Yet Imperial Stout, Smuttynose Zinneke Bourgon Aged Stout, Dogfish Head Noble Rot, and Weyerbacher Merry Monks Tripel.  If I had to complain about something, I would say that only 2 locals on tap is not enough!  Give me 5 and I'll be satisfied!

All in all, Octobachi is a cool spot downtown, with tasty food and a good selection of craft beer.  I would definitely go again, especially if I want to get my fix of Pad Thai, while sipping on some good craft beer.  If you haven't been to Octobachi and are thinking of checking it out, I would suggest going on either a Tuesday (2 draft beers for $6 special), Thursday ($3 local beers all day special), or Saturday ($1, $2, $3 select draft beers).  Also, they do a pretty good job of updating their beer menu on their Facebook page, if you want to scope it out beforehand.


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