Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coast Brewing Review!

The wifey and I took her parents to Coast Brewing in North Charleston this weekend.  This was probably our 10th time going to Coast, and I love it more and more every time.

Taken from their website: "Coast Brewing Co. is a small, family owned craft brewery - Located across from Noisette Creek on the Old Navy Base.  We believe in utilizing alternative means to brew unique beer. We also believe in choice organic and local ingredients. From our biodiesel fired kettle to our energy efficient process, we forge hand crafted batches on our 7 bbl brewhouse."

Coast has two main beers (HopArt IPA and 32/50 Kolsch).  These beers are always available at the brewery for tasting, growler fills, and in 22 oz. bottles.  In addition to these two delicious beers, they also have a ton of different beers they brew throughout the year.  Here's some that are listed on their site: Blackbeerd Imperial Stout (some of this is barrel aged), Rye Knot Brown Ale, Red Legs Scotch Ale, Honey Wheat Pale Ale, ALTerior Motive, DIS Dry Irish Stout, AYE SB Extra Special Bitter, The Boy King Double IPA, Smoked Porter, Single Hop Pale Ales, Event Horizon Cascadian Dark Ale, Harold is an American Stout, Carnie Fire Hoppy Red, Oyster Stout, Milk Stout, Old Nuptial Barleywine, Shreddin' Wheat American Hoppy Pale Wheat, Angry Mash Oatmeal Stout, Smoked Rye Pale Ale, Wadmalaw Sunset, and The Belafonte Belgian.

Anytime I've gone to Coast, they have always had 4 beers available for tasting and growler fills.  They also have always had the HopArt IPA and the 32/50 Kolsch available in 22 oz. bottles.   On this occasion, besides the HopArt IPA and the 32/50 Kolsch, they also had the Boy King Double IPA and the Wadmalaw Sunset.  Those beers were available for tastings and growler fills, and the Boy King Double IPA was also available in 22 oz. bottles.  The deal is $4 per person to taste all four of the beers.  The kicker is, if you buy something else then they will waive the $4 tasting fee.  For example, if you get a tasting ($4), and then you purchase one 22 oz bottle of HopArt or Kolslch ($6 a piece), then you pay a total of $6.  This gives you about 38 oz. of kick @$$ beer for only $6.  Not too shabby!!!

Besides wanting to show off Coast Brewing to the in-laws, my main motive was to get me some more of  the famous Boy King Double IPA.  This has become one of my favorite beers of all time!  Not just my favorite beer in Charleston.  One of my favorite beers period!  Much to my delight, Coast has brewed this beer on a few different occasions this year.  They recently announced that this will be the last of it for the year, so I had to get me some.  In addition to our tastings, I ended up filling up the growler with the Boy King.  It cost me $18 for the fill, and by purchasing it, my $4 tasting fee was waived.

A little more about Coast.  They are open for tastings on Thursdays (4pm-7pm) and Saturdays (11am-2pm).  They operate on Cash only.  They can only offer you one round of samples (4 samples, 4 oz. each).  They can sell you no more than 288 oz. of beer on your visit.  They have a facebook page as well as a blog.  They also, along with Charleston Beer Exchange, put on the best beer festival ever.  It's called Charleston Brewvival.  If you haven't been to it, you are definitely missing out.  It's awesome.  Stay tuned for a blog about my experience at this most excellent beer festival.

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