Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Frothy Beard Brewing Company!

A few weeks back I stumbled across a Facebook page for The Frothy Beard Brewing Company.   I was excited to read that they were located in Charleston, so I immediately "Liked" the page so I could find out more about who these Frothy Beard guys are.  I found an email address and emailed them right away, as I needed to find out more about them and hopefully get to try some of their beer!  The guys from Frothy Beard got back to me right away and even invited me to one of their tasting parties.

                                        This was on the front door!!!  Love the logo!

                                     These pots are much bigger than they look in the pic!

At the tasting party, is where the wifey and I first met the guys from The Frothy Beard Brewing Company. "The guys" are Joey, Michael, and Steve.  They were extremely inviting and friendly right off the bat.  Once everyone showed up for the 4pm tasting party, the guys did an overview of how the tasting party was going to go.  They had six different beers to sample as well as six foods that paired up with each of the beers.  Pretty damn sweet!!!  

Heres the six beers and the food they were paired with in the actual serving order:

1) Marion Square Blonde Ale with Blood Orange Sorbet
2) Solaris Wheat Ale with Fresh Watermelon
3) Kokiri Sorachi Pale Ale with Mango Gazpacho
4) Gordon's Ginger Ale with Sweet Ginger Vitamin C Salad
5) Tides of Galloway Irish Red with Basil Sliders w/ cheese
6) Holy Heat Wave Smoked Amber Ale with Chocolate Bacon

There wasn't a beer that I didn't like, nor a food (well, I still can't decide if I liked the Chocolate Bacon).  If I had to pick my top three beers, I would say:

1) Kokiri Sorachi Pale Ale (Like no other pale ale I've those Sorachi Ace Hops)
2) Marion Square Blonde Ale (Lots of flavor but real easy drinking)
3) Gordon's Ginger Ale (Just the right amount of ginger in this...definitely something different)

The other three beers were real good too!!!  Even the Holy Heat Wave Smoked Amber Ale!! I really had never met a smoked beer that I liked until this one.  They used just the right amount of smoked malt in this one, and converted me from an anti-smoked beer drinker into a "Hey i'll give it a try kinda guy."

The food served were all perfect complements to the beer they were paired with, and a nice little bonus to a beer tasting party!  I especially liked the Mango Gazpacho (first time I ever had Gazpacho), the Sweet Ginger Vitamin C Salad, and the Basil Sliders w/ Cheese.  I thought to myself, "are these guys brewers or chefs?"  Turns out that Joey has been a cook for a number of years, working at a variety of restaurants.  

                                       We were given a clean tasting glass for every beer

The Kokiri Sorachi Pale Ale

                                                       All beer was served from kegs!

You may be asking yourself, "damn, where can I get some of this 'Frothy' goodness?"  Well, the guys are still in the beginning stages of getting their beer to the marketplace.   I would start with checking them out on Facebook and starting a dialogue with them.  You never know, maybe you'll find yourself invited to one of their tasting parties they do every few months.  "The guys"did share with me their vision of where they see themselves in the future, and I really like the concept.  I'm not going to tell you, because it's such a good idea that you just might want to steal it.  Just kidding!  Let's just say it certainly won't be your typical micro-brewery!  They hope to accomplish their vision by the middle of 2012 and I sure hope they do.   I also think they will be very successful as well.  Through my conversations with "the guys," I learned that Steve is studying business, Michael studied science and is quite the entrepreneur, and Joey has a lot of cooking experience and has great insight into imparting delicious flavors into beer recipes.  I think it's fair to say they all LOVE beer as well.   Collectively, I think these guys have all the tools to be very successful in whatever they decide to do with their beer making talent!  I will certainly be paying attention, and will be the first one in line when they bring their vision to reality!  Good luck guys and looking forward to more Frothy Beard beers in the future!  

                                                 From L to R: Joey, Steve, and Michael

                First Place Ribbon in 2010 Summer Suds in Savannah Homebrew Competition

Third Place in the Charles Town Homebrew Competition


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