Friday, June 10, 2011

TAPS Brews Seems Cool!

Although I haven't had the opportunity to get out there yet, TAPS Brews in Summerville seems like a great place to drink a pint or buy some quality craft beer.  Although their website is currently pretty limited, it describes itself as such:

"Taps Brews specializes in ONLY premium craft brews from all over the world. We offer brews by the bottle, pint or growler. If you are looking to expand your beer palate Taps is the place for you."

TAPS Brews also has a facebook profile.  Check it out here!

Check out what they have currently on their growler station (you can also get pints to enjoy in-house).

Dogfish Head Chickory Stout
Sam Adams East-West Kolsch
Sweetwater Road Trip
Foothills Peoples Porter
Terrapin Monks Revenge
Westbrook Citra Rye Pale Ale
Palmetto Extra Pale IPA
Estrella Damm
Left Hand Good JuJu

Not too shabby!!!  Seems like a good reason to take a little drive up to Summerville.   For me, I won't be able to get there for a few weeks as I am on three week vacation in Upstate NY.   If you happen to get out there, please comment your feedback.  Stay tuned for a more detailed blog when I get a chance to see this seemingly cool place for myself. 

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