Thursday, June 2, 2011

Closed For Business....Please Stay Open Forever!!!

Memorial Day weekend, the wifey and I decided to throw one back at Closed For Business Draught Emporium .  If you don't already know, it is located at 453 KingStreet, in downtown Charleston.  This was the wifey's second time at C4B, and my first.  While on our way to the Apple store, the wifey had wanted us to stop in to C4B so that she could show me how awesome this place was.  I certainly did not argue.  In my head, it was definitely Beer Thirty!  Plus, I knew this place had 42 taps of good quality craft beer to choose from and was voted "Best Beer Selection on Tap" by the Charleston City Paper in March 2011.  The wifey knew that this is definitely my kind of place.  When we walked in, I was greeted with a visually appealing restaurant, with a fine selection of beers, and food that smelled damn good.  I am glad Closed For Business was OPEN!   Check out some pics of the place.

With not much intention of eating, we ordered our beers (then got another sniff of the food and decided to look over the brunch menu).  Here is (most of) the beer menu.

What to pick?  What to pick?   We both decided to try different beers from Stevens Point Brewery (Wisconsin brewery).  I went with the Cascade Pale and the wifey went with the Nude Beach (she just liked the name I think).  Both were good, but we decided that mine was the better of the two.   A good solid beer, with a nice hop aroma.  Not as bitter as I was hoping.  I am definitely a hop head.   In regards to the beer menu, I like how they separate the beers into categories such as Light, White/Fruit, Pale, Amber/Brown, and Dark.  This makes it much easier for a guy like me to find the beers that I like and don't like.   On this particular day, beers of note (that I really enjoy a lot) were: Allagash White, Coast Hop Art, Bear Republic Racer 5, Foothills Hoppyum, Stone IPA, Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale, Westbrook Citra Rye Pale Ale, Palmetto Falconer's IPA, Ommegang Rare Vos, Highland Oatmeal Porter, and Ballast Point Sextant.   Many other quality beers as well.  I was highly, highly impressed and can't wait to go back.

On to the food (we couldn't resist ordering something since the food smelled so good).  It was Sunday, so we ordered from the Brunch menu.  I went with a sausage, egg and cheese and the wifey with the French Toast.  Two words for my sausage, egg and cheese.....Freaking Yummy!  The wifey liked her French Toast, but my sausage, egg, and cheese stole the show.  Check it out.

Other things that kick @$$ about C4B, is the fact that you can order 10oz, 16oz, or 1 Liter sized drafts.  On this day, I went for the pint.  But heck, another day I just might feel like bringing out the big guns and downing a pint of some Ommegang Rare Vos or some Ballast Point Sculpin IPA.  Maybe I'll even head over to Bed, Bath & Beyond if I have enough time (hopefully you have seen Old School and get this is a joke).   Also, the beer menu changes on a daily basis so they are always offering new,  great craft beers.

All in all, I loved Closed For Business and hope that it stays Open For Business for a long time.  I certainly plan on coming back very soon and putting down a liter of something delicious to my head.  Maybe even 2 liters!

Have you been to C4B?  What are your thoughts on this place?

Currently Drinking:  Homebrewed Black IPA (not too black, kinda brownish black but tastes pretty good)

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