Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wild Wild West(brook)!

Since Westbrook Brewing opened in February of this year, the wifey and I have become quite the regulars.  We have been known to show up there on pretty much a weekly basis.  I have always said that I wanted to be a regular somewhere.  You know, where everybody knows your name (You can call me Norm if you want).  So why not be a regular at a brewery.  Genius, I know!

Twenty-something Edward Westbrook (owner/brewer) is definitely living the dream (my dream at least).  He started as a homebrewer not too long ago in college, and now has a beautiful brewery that is putting out some really fantastic beers.   If you haven't been out to this brewery yet, you are definitely missing out.  Check out the pics I have snapped on my many visits to the brewery.

In the front of the brewery they grow their own hops (don't even try picking them, that's wrong).

They feature one-off batches that you can only find at the brewery!

 The tasting room is gorgeous!

 Samples are $1 a piece.  They work on a ticket system.  $1 dollar per ticket!

 Great Harvest Bread Co. uses spent grains and Westbrook IPA to make this delicious bread you can usually sample and buy at the brewery!

 The tour is pretty extensive, and free!

 I told you the brewery was beautiful!

 Mr. Westbrook himself!

 Fermenters of deliciousness!

 You can find Westbrook's beer all over the Charleston area.  

 The barrel room is my favorite!

I counted at least 60 barrels!  

They have different varieties of wine and whiskey barrels.  

So as you can see, this place is awesome.  Here's what you need to know.  The tasting room is open for samples, tours, growler fills thursday through saturday.  Hours are thursday and friday from 4-7pm, and saturday from 12-4pm.   They usually have a band and food vendors on Saturdays.  Although you can find Westbrook's beer at various locations throughout the Charleston area (such as: Charleston Beer Exchange, Coleman Public House, Liberty Tap Room), you really need to get to the brewery so you can taste beers that are only featured at the brewery.  A few that I have had there (that I'm pretty sure were only offered at the brewery): Belgian Quad, Spiced Belgian Imperial Stout, Oatmeal Stout, American Rye Stout, Belgian Tripel, and a variety of Cask Ales.   

They have three year round beers that you can always find at the brewery.  They are: IPA, White Thai, and Belgian Pale.  I enjoy all three beers, with my favorite being the IPA.  

Plans for the future include a canning line so you will be able to purchase 6 packs of their year round beers.  They will also be bottling (22 oz) of their barrel aged beers.  The bottle aged beers are what I am most excited about.  In the barrel room, they have over 60 wine and whiskey barrels with various types of beers aging in each.  I can't wait to compare what their Belgian Tripel tastes like after it has been aged in one of their wine barrels vs one of their whiskey barrels.  Patience is key for this, as they will be aging beers anywhere from 1 year to 3 years.   

Lastly, when you do get out to the brewery, be sure to get on their mailing list.  If you sign up, you will receive one email per week telling you what they will have on tap at the brewery that week as well as any special events (their St. Patrick's Day celebration was awesome) that will be coming up.  

See ya at the brewery!



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