Friday, August 26, 2011

Wine Awhile Review!

If you still haven't been to Wine Awhile in Mt. Pleasant, you definitely need to check it out very soon.  It's a pretty sweet spot, and a nice location for me since it's located about 5 minutes from my work.   Perfect for after work happy hour!!! I've been there probably about 6 times over the past year.  It's located in Mt. Pleasant, where Rt. 17 meets  Rt. 41, just before the Super Walmart.

Wine Awhile sells wine obviously, but more importantly (in my opinion), it has a 6 tap growler station with a nice selection of craft beers.   Besides filling your growler, you can also get a 1/2 pint or a full pint to enjoy there.  In addition, they also have a selection of singles, 4 packs, and 6 packs.  When I was browsing the bottled beer section on my most recent visit, the owner mentioned that there will be a greater selection in the very near future.   BONUS!!!  He also mentioned that a new burger bar called "Vino Burgerz" will be opening soon and it will be connected to Wine Awhile.  He also said that at this new burger bar, they will host beer dinners and had a Stone Brewing beer dinner already lined up.   This place just went from being pretty sweet, to KICK @$$!!!

On this most recent visit, the wifey and I were on a mission to fill our growler with some tasty brew.  On the growler station, they had:  Avery Saison Rye, Mad Hatter Rye, Coast Shreddin' Wheat, Victory Headwater Pale Ale, Coast Belafonte, and Southern Tier Creme Brulee.   For us, it came down to either Coast Shreddin' Wheat or Coast Belaftone.  We had to support our local craft brewery (Coast Brewing)! The owner let us sample both and because we just couldn't decide, we ending up each getting a pint of Belafonte and filling up the growler with the Shreddin' Wheat.   I figured while I was there, I might as well grab a 22 oz of Avery Maharaja for good measure.  Pretty nice little Saturday!  While we enjoyed our pint, the owner filled our growler and put it in the refrigerator so we would have our growler at just the right temperature.  Nice service!

Here's a bit more info about Vino Burgerz, taken from Wine Awhiles facebook page: "Vino Burgerz- a gourmet burger bar that complements wine and beer. We have a wide variety of burgers and not all of them are beef. Chef Joey Passarini has created an amazing menu to share with you."  Stay tuned for more information, and an opening date.  I am definitely excited to check it out!

For the wine lovers, they do have some great wines for sale by the bottle as well as a cool 24 bottle wine station where you can choose to sample wines, get a 1/2 glass, or a full glass.  Basically you just put money on a wine debit card and you serve yourself whatever you happen to feel like.  I've seen groups of people in there, conducting their own wine tasting, and it's really affordable.  They always have specials going on too.  One recent special was, if you loaded $10 on your wine debit card, you got an extra $5 on the card for free.  Not too shabby!

Again, if you haven't been to Wine Awhile yet, you definitely should stop by and check it out.  Also, keep your ear open for when Vino Burgerz is going to open.  I have a feeling it's going to be a nice little hot spot!


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