Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Seanachi Social Club's Local Brew Event

This past Sunday night, a new craze officially hit Johns Island. Seanachai hosted a local brewery event packed with highlights. The evening included food trucks, a homebrew contest, over 10 local taps, and some great music. The event was well attended for a Sunday at a quaint little bar off Maybank Highway. There was a line for a beer (something I never find here!) Not only that, but Gerry had multiple hands to help out, as most often it’s a one-man show.

First of all, if you haven’t been Seanachai is a phenomenal beer place. Gerry, the owner/bar master, has a great eye for local beers and mixes them with worldly classics to keep a solid list of “Steadies” and “Seasonals” on his beautiful hand made, wooden bar. Gerry deserves an article or book to himself. His inviting personality has made Seanachai a favorite post-work stop for over two years. It’s one place where I may turn around if I happen to notice he’s not there. Back to his beer! Beers like a Bells Two Hearted Ale or a Donnybrook Stout can always be found next to the latest and greatest from any of our local breweries of classic United States craft brewers. There are 5 rotating taps that he only purchases one or two of a certain variety for, which ensures there is always something different when you come back next week.  I find that a great barometer for a “beer bar” in Charleston these days.

Gerry’s event last Sunday night focused around the 10 local taps. Westbrook, Holy City, River Dog, Frothy Beard, Coast, and Freehouse were all represented. It was one of the first official events for Freehouse (the new organic brewery in North Charleston). The highlights for me were a Juniper Saison by River Dog. Very good take on the style, a bit more full than some I’ve tried. The Freehouse offerings were initially a Green IPA. It is more of a session IPA. Very well-balanced and tasty. I did not like the Bridgewater Stout nearly as much. Much more to do with my own personal taste. Very sweet beer, with a licorice kick on the pallet at the backend of the beer. I have been excited about the Freehouse brewery coming about for many reasons. One is my general excitement for anything on the expansion front when it comes to beer.  I mean what else would I write about?? Also, their approach to organic brewing has interested me. We will be at one of their release parties this Tuesday @bohemianbull so please come check it out.  I also had some Coast Boy King Double IPA (which I LOVE!!!). It is so strong, clocking in at 9.5 ABV, but does a good job keeping the floral notes I love about IPAs.

The event also featured a homebrew competition amongst some members and other local home brewers. A small, informal tasting panel was comprised of folks from Frothy Beard and Westbrook. After a long ardous process (yeah right!) they decreed’s very own Reece the winner for his Double IPA with Simcoe hops, amongst others. It was a classic victory and one in which he took home quite a large bottle of Rogue Arrogant Bastard (he said he would share if I bought some ice and a big cooler).

We also enjoyed some food from our friends at Roti Rolls. The always reliable Thurman Murman was on point in the cool weather. The kimichi and sirachi sauce went well with the braised meats and mac n’cheese and the crisp fall night sitting by the beautiful fire out back. We enjoyed meeting people at our small tasting table out back! I hope someone we met is reading this article. If so feel free to shoot us some info @

Overall, great night. Met some cool people and hung out with some old friends. The scene in this little shopping district is on the rise with other restaurants (The Southern General and Sweeney's) popping up next to the bar. Good things are on the horizon!

Written by Brandon Bobart

More pics from the event:


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