Thursday, September 22, 2011

The House of Brews Review!

The House of Brews (located in Mt. Pleasant on Ben Sawyer Blvd.) just had their Grand Opening last Saturday in the form of an Oktoberfest Celebration! The wifey and I decided it was finally time to check out this new place we had heard so much about.  We decided to make a day out of drinking good beer, so we started the day at Coast Brewing and ended it at the House of Brews.  The second I walked in the door, I knew it was my kind of place.

Let me rewind a bit, although this was the official Grand Opening, the House of Brews has been open since  mid to late June.  It first opened under the name Harrika's Brew Haus but has since changed to House of Brews.  I like the new name better because I was never sure if I was pronouncing Harrika's correctly.

Taken from their website:
"House of Brews specializes in bottled and canned craft beer from all over the world, including 4 rotating hard-to-find beers on draft that can be enjoyed on premise or taken home in a growler.  In addition to having the largest beer selection in the area, House of Brews also offers a full range of loose leaf teas for you to create your favorite recipe to drink, as well as a wide selection of coffees to help start your day."

When we first got to the House of Brews, we were greeted by the owner.  His name is Rob and he makes you feel very welcome and is ready to answer any questions you may have.  Overall, he's just a real cool dude and just his personality alone makes you want to come back.  The actual place just happens to be fantastic as well, and here's a few reasons why I like the place:

The owner Rob with his liter in hand

1) The layout is cool.  It's basically a house and the different rooms contain different things.  There is a room with domestic craft beer.  A room with Belgians and Germans.  A separate section for the teas.  A section of glassware they sell.  It's just plain cool!

 The selection was definitely impressive!

 I don't know much about tea, but it did smell good!

     If you buy a beer and a glass, and consume in house, you get $3 off the glass

2) They have a cool patio with tables and chairs, umbrellas, and corn hole.  They have music on the weekends as well.

Those tables were filled shortly after this pic was taken

3)  They have a great selection of six packs and bombers and 4 rotating hard to find beers on their draft system.  They also have bottles in a cooler that you can buy and enjoy right there.

Good range of alcohol percentages

Needless to say, I fell in love with the place and we will definitely be going back sometime very soon.  Actually, I promised Rob (the owner) that I would give him one of my latest homebrews (Belgian IPA) so I will probably stop there tomorrow after work.

The House of Brews has a Facebook page that they update regularly as well as a website that they update regularly.  The best part about their website is that they keep their inventory on there, so you can check out what they have in stock before you make the trip.   If you haven't been to the House of Brews yet, I highly recommend you check it out soon.  The place is great and it's just the kind of place us craft beer lovers need to support.

Here are the rest of the pics from our visit:

 Don't worry, drinking good beer does not make you go grey prematurely.

 The in-laws loved it too, and played corn hole for the first time!

  The fancy glass I purchased for $3 and filled it up with some Pumpkin Ale!


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