Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Adventures In Homebrewing- Saison for the Summer!

It's been too long since I last brewed my Saison recipe.  Since I am currently into easy drinking, session-type beers right now, I figured my ol' faithful Saison would be a good addition to have on rotation in my kegerator for the summer.   This recipe has won me ribbons in the two times that I've entered them in homebrewing competitions.  Back in 2011, it won 1st Place in it's category at the Summer Suds In Savannah competition.  In addition it won 2nd place in 2012 at our local Colonial Cup Homebrew Competition.  I'm hoping to duplicate my efforts, and make an equally awesome beer this time around.  However, I did make an adjustment in the recipe...

One twist that I used for this version, was I used yeast from South Carolina's very own SouthYeast Labs.  The yeast I used was their HS2-Abbey.  If you are not yet familiar with SouthYeast Labs, their website (currently under construction) states they "are a biotech startup in Greenville, SC with some unique yeast."  They have "captured wild yeasts in South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee and are working on bringing them to market for both homebrewers and microbreweries."  If you go to the website , you can sign up with your name and email to stay up to date.  You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.   The last update that I know about states: "We've been building our native SouthYeast library over the past two years. Out of hundreds of cultures we've whittled our marketable strains of yeast and bacteria to 33 strains now available to the public. We are currently diligently culturing yeast to fill the remaining 300 jugs from our recent crowd funding campaign. You'll soon find our unique microbes in the coolers at Atlantic Brewing Supply in Raleigh, NC, Beer Engineer Supply in Charleston, SC and Grape and Grains in Greenville, SC. We are hoping to begin operations at our new commercial location this August in Anderson, S.C. to actually be able to maintain an inventory to fill your growing demands."  I am certainly looking forward to the day when I can purchase SouthYeast's product at my local homebrewing supply shop.

As for the brewday,  it was definitely a successful brewday with no known issues.  I hit my mash temp spot on.  The wort looked pretty clear and was a nice golden color.  My fermentor was bubbling away within about 24 hours, so the SouthYeast yeast is doing it's job!  Can't wait for this beer to be ready to drink.  Stay tuned for an update!

Here's the ingredients used:

Briess Pilsner
Weyerman Vienna
Briess Torrified Wheat


SouthYeast HS2-Abbey

Grains of Paradise

Mashed at 150 for an hour.  OG 1.048


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