Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adventures in Homebrewing-Award Winning Saison #2!

On Sunday, the father in law (aka Assistant Brewmaster) and I brewed up our award winning Saison recipe.  If you read this post, then you know that we won a 1st Place Ribbon in the Saison Category at the "Summer Suds In Savannah" Homebrew Competition. It was the first time I/we ever entered a homebrewing competition, so it was pretty sweet when we ended up placing first!   We have been waiting almost a year to try and duplicate the recipe.  So here we go!

Here's the recipe (Since it's award winning, I'm keeping some secrets to myself....hey ya never know!)

5 lbs Belgian Pilsner
2.25 lbs German Vienna
1 lb Torrefied Wheat

East Kent Goldings (60 Min)
Saaz (15 Min)
Styrian (15 Min)
Saaz (2 Min)
Styrian (2 Min)

Coriander (5 Min)
Grains of Paradise (5 Min)

Irish Moss (15 Min)

Wyeast #3711 French Saison

Brew day went really well.  We mashed at 150 degrees and did a fly sparge (sparge water was heated to approximately 175 degrees).  Sparge took about 1 hour and then we boiled the wort for 1 hour.  Cooled to about 75 degrees in about 25 minutes using a wort chiller, and then pitched the yeast.  Gave it a healthy stirring then took a sampling.  Original Gravity turned out to be 1.050.  Can't wait to see if this turns out like last years version.  As long as it's drinkable, we will have it for sampling at 17 North's 1st Annual Local Lowcountry Beer Festival.

Here's the brew day pics!

 The Grains

 Making sure my mash temp is about 150 degrees...we were spot on!

Wish I could make some tasty beer bread out of these spent grains!

 The patio (aka brewhouse)

 Color is nice!

Right after I added some hops!

 Had to have a homebrew while we brewed.  This is our Red Ale!

A pretty flawless brew day!  Now she is fermenting away!


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