Monday, January 30, 2012

Adventures in Homebrewing-Oaked Bourbon Stout #3

One of my favorite beers that I've brewed is an Oaked Bourbon Stout.  I have brewed it twice prior, but have decided to brew it again because if it ain't broke, then I ain't gonna fix it.

Here's the recipe:

12 lbs 2 Row
14 oz Black Malt
9 oz Roasted Barley
4 oz De-husked Carafa
4 oz Caramel 120

2 oz Williamette 60 mins
1 oz Cascade 15 mins
.50 oz Cascade/Centennial mixed 5 mins
.50 oz Cascade/Centennial mixed 1 min

Wyeast Northwestern Ale (Did a yeast starter)

Irish Moss 15 min

Brew day went pretty well.  Had my normal Assistant Brewmaster Joe C. and a buddy Jeff who is thinking about getting into homebrewing.  Having three people definitely makes the brew day a bit easier.  Jeff was solely dedicated to preventing a boil over.  Mission Accomplished!!!

We mashed at 154 degrees and collected about 6 gallons.  Boiled for 1 hour.  Cooled wort down to under 80 degrees in about 25 minutes.  Pitched the yeast and it started bubbling less than 24 hours later.  The yeast starter definitely helped with that.  OG was 1.60.

Did a 1.5 L yeast starter

Cascade and Centennials

Had my mash tun filled to the brim!

 Color looks right!

The Assistant Brewmasters!

 Perfect 60 degree day for brewing

 No boil overs today!

 1.060 OG

 The fermenter, which now sits bubbling in the bathtub

One cup of Makers Mark Bourbon soaking in 2 oz of Oak chips

Will post some updates in a few weeks!


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