Monday, July 23, 2012

Adventures in Homebrewing-Brewing with Dave from The Lost Beers!

This past weekend, my father in law and I brewed up a batch of beer with my friend David Fowlkes.  Dave is a former professional brewer, and used to brew at the The Mad Boar Restaurant and Brewery, which was located in North Myrtle Beach.  This brewpub has since closed, and David has moved on to working for Piggly Wiggly The Pig, and just homebrewing for fun!  Read more about David and The Mad Boar Restaurant and Brewery here.  In addition, he runs an awesome website called The Lost Beers.  The website states: "Our goal is to provide lost beer recipes from professional brewers across America to the home brewer. Our recipes have ALL been submitted by the actual brewers and are not “clone” recipes. Some of the recipes were submitted by the brewers in 5 gallon yield formats and some we have converted from the actual large batch size recipes." It's a website that I check out quite frequently!

Because we both love homebrewing, we decided we needed to get together and collaborate on a beer!!  We decided on the recipe, and headed over to Holy City Brewing for the grains and yeast.  Dave already had the Citra Hops, which we decided early on that this was the only hop we were going to use.  The idea was to do a 10 gallon batch and then ferment half with a Belgian Yeast, and the other half with an American Ale Yeast.  Here's the recipe:

10 Gallon Batch

20 lbs. Marris Otter
1.5 lbs Crystal 20
.5 lbs Biscuit
.5 Honey Malt
.5 Carahell

1.5 oz Citra  60 mins
1 oz Citra 15 mins
1 oz Citra 2 min

We split the batch in half, and are fermenting one with White Labs American Ale 060 and the other with White Labs Belgian 400

The brew day went well.  Our Original Gravity was 1066 or 16.5 Plato.  Color was a beautiful copper!  In addition to brewing up hopefully a good tasting homebrew, we also tasted some of Dave's past batches.  I thoroughly enjoyed all four of them.  Thanks Dave for sharing.  Here are the brew day pics!


Stay tuned to see how this beer turns out!


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