Sunday, May 20, 2012

Adventures In Homebrewing- Hefeweizen!

This Saturday, I brewed up a Hefeweizen so I could have some easy drinking, good ol' summer beer on hand for those warm summer days and nights.  One of my favorite Hefeweizen's is Paulaner's Hefeweizen, followed by Hacker Pschorr, and Weihenstephan.  This beer is pretty easy to brew and I've always had good luck brewing this style of beer.  Here's the recipe that I went with:

5.5 lbs Weyerman Pale Wheat Malt
4 lbs German Pilsner Malt

1 oz. Tettnang (60 Min's)

Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen

Irish Moss 15 Min's

The brew day went very well.  We mashed the grains for an hour at 151 degrees and collected about 6 gallons of wort.  We boiled for an hour, and cooled wort to about 75 degrees within 25-30 minutes.  I then pitched the yeast and it started bubbling within a few hours.  I will try and hold fermentation temp around 68 degrees, for first few days then let it creep up a bit closer to 72 degrees.   The Original Gravity was 1.048, which was right on target.  Here's some pics of the brew day!  We didn't get to fully document the day since the wifey had to steal the camera for her baby shower.  I guess baby took priority over beer!!!


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