Friday, June 22, 2012

Adventures in Homebrewing-Saison Takes 2nd !

A few months back, my father in law (aka Assistant Brewmaster) took a shot at brewing our Saison again in hopes it would come out as good as the first, which won a 1st Place Ribbon in the Saison Category at the "Summer Suds In Savannah" Homebrewing Competition.  The second brewing of this recipe came out pretty damn good we thought, though a bit stronger in alcohol content than the first.  Shoot, I certainly didn't complain about that!  We entered it in Charleston's local homebrewing competition, The Colonial Cup, put on by the local Homebrewing Club (Lowcountry Libations).   The competition was held in April.  We ended up placing 2nd in Category 16, which is Belgian and French Ales.  I was definitely pumped about our Saison placing again!  It scored a 42 out of 50, and the beer that beat me was also a Saison which ended up winning "Best of Show."  Not too shabby!  This recipe is definitely a keeper!!! Here's the link to see the results of the entire competition.  Here are some pics of me, the beer, and the ribbon!

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