Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two Blokes Brewing Review

A Bloke. According to Google, a Bloke is a slang term for a man/guy/fellow. The earliest known usage is from the early 19th century. My question is what do you get if you put a two of these such Blokes together? You get a new brewery in Mt. Pleasant called Two Blokes Brewing. Two Blokes actually opened this past summer, and I'm wondering why it took me so long to check this place out.
I got the chance to finally check out Two Blokes around Christmas time. The brewery is located at 547 Long Point Road in Mt. Pleasant. It's a good location, sandwiched between Ghost Monkey Brewery and Westbrook Brewery (1/2 mile to Ghost Monkey and 1 mile to Westbrook). Why not hit up all three if you are in the area? You can do the "Mt. Pleasant Pint Parade" tour! Drink responsibly!

Taken from their website, "At Two Blokes we strive to produce solid, unpretentious, and approachable beers. Our goal is to find something for everyone to enjoy." I can say that I certainly enjoyed the beers that I tasted and found them all to be pretty solid. Two Blokes is co-founded by Sean Geddis and Matty Symons. Matty is the Head Brewer and Operations Manager. According to the "Bio" section of their website, Matty studied brewing technology and methodology at Siebel Institute of Technology. Sean deals with Sales, Public Relations, building the Two Blokes brand, and "fixing stuff that's broken." These Two Blokes seem to make a great team, based on their beers and their pretty cool brewery.

On this particular visit, I wanted to sample as many of their beers as I could, so I opted for a few of the 4 oz. pours. In addition to offering 4 oz pours, they also offer 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz options. On this day, they had the following on tap: Throat Charmer (Double IPA), Keep Calm and Saison (French Farmhouse Ale), Liquid Lunch (Pale Ale with Citra Hop), Midnight Ryed (Black Rye IPA), Publican (Pub Ale), Bushfire (Chipotle Amber), Drone (Honey Rye IPA), and Spilt Milk (Milk Stout). I tried all but the Spilt Milk. If I had to pick a few favorites, they would definitely be the Throat Charmer Double IPA. I love me some IPA and Double IPA's. Definitely a Hop Head. I found the Throat Charmer to be well balanced, and the hop flavor and aroma came across as super fresh and Dank. They use two of my favorite hops in this, Amarillo and Citra, which provides the beer a good mix of citrus and pine. Nice work on this one! I also really like the Liquid Lunch Pale Ale and the Midnight Ryed Black IPA. I found the Pale Ale to be highly drinkable, with just enough hops to satisfy the Hop Head in me, but not enough to turn anyone off. The Black Rye IPA tasted pretty potent, had a good amount of bitterness, and the rye spiciness was a good change up from the typical Black IPA's that usually disappoint me. This is the kind of beer that would leave me satisfied after having just one pint. It kind of hits your taste buds from all angles. Those were my favorites, and the others were pretty respectable as well.

Overall, although Two Blokes has only been open for about 6 months, they are certainly off to a great start. I have now been to the brewery twice, and both times have had really good crowds, so I am pretty sure I am not the only one enjoying their brews. If you haven't been yet, be sure to check them out soon. I don't think you will be disappointed. The hours for the Tasting Room are: Monday - Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday 12pm-9pm, and Sunday 12pm-6pm. See more pics of the brewery below.


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