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Recommended Charleston Brewery Tours

If you're anything like me, you love beer.  If you're anything like me, you love going to breweries to try their beer.  If you're anything like me, you love hitting up a few breweries in one day (safely of course).  Well this article is for you, if you are anything like me.  And if you're anything like me, you like to be efficient about your brewery touring.   Here are some suggestions for touring Charleston breweries that I'd like to provide, based on my own experience.

Brewery Tour 1-  The Mount Pleasant Pint Parade
This tour can be done either on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, as these are the three days these breweries all have in common for their tasting rooms being open.   As the name implies, all three breweries are located in Mount Pleasant and they are all within 2 miles of each other.  Highlights of this tour could include's #1 South Carolina beer, Westbrook's Mexican Cake.

First Stop ===> Ghost Monkey Brewery.   Located at 522 Wando Lane in Mt. Pleasant.  Start at 4pm on Thursday and Friday, and 11am on Saturday.   I recommend a flight, and these are a few beers I enjoy: Red Herring, Farmer Brown, Lemon Basil IPA, and Cup o JoJo.

Second Stop ===> Two Blokes Brewing.  Located at 547 Long Point Rd. Suite 101 in Mt. Pleasant (only 1/2 mile down the road from Ghost Monkey).  I recommend a few 4oz tasters or a pint of one of these: Liquid Lunch Pale Ale, Drone Honey Rye IPA, or the Planet of the Apricots Wheat (gotta love the name).

Third Stop ===>  Westbrook Brewing.  Located at 510 Ridge Road in Mt. Pleasant (only 1.5 miles from Two Blokes).  So if it's Thursday or Friday, you gotta know they close at 7pm, and on Saturdays at 4pm.  I recommend these beers: Mexican Cake (or any of the variants), IPA, One Claw Rye Pale Ale, Margarita Gose, and the Two Claw Rye IPA.  If you get there close to their last call, or don't have a DD, then you could always opt for either a growler fill to go, a six pack to go, or one of their 22 oz. bombers to go.  Time to stock up!

Pro Tip: If you like staying out late, flip the script, and start at Westbrook since they close the earliest.  You're welcome. 

Brewery Tour 2- The Norcharleston Sip and Swig

Like the Mount Pleasant Pint Parade, this three brewery tour can be done on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. This tour of North Charleston breweries will take you to very well established breweries, with really good beer.   You'll have the opportunity to taste a few beers that are Great American Beer Festival medal winners (Holy City's Pluff Mud Porter and their Washout Wheat)

First Stop ===> Coast Brewing.  Located  at 1250 N 2nd Street in North Charleston.  You can start here on Thursdays and Fridays at 4pm, or 11am on a Saturday.  A few of their beers I recommend are:  Boy King Double IPA, 32/50 Kolsch, and the Dead Arm Pale Ale.  I would recommend getting a sampler so you can try four different beers.  Also, they sell 6 packs to go, so look out for their Hop Art IPA, Boy King Double IPA, 32/50 Kolsch, Dead Arm Pale Ale, and Blackbeerd Imperial Stout

Second Stop ===> Holy City Brewing. Located at 4155 C Dorchester Rd. in North Charleston.  Holy City Brewing has a few Great American Beer Festival medals under their belt, which is quite impressive.  In 2012, their Pluff Mud Porter took home a Gold Medal, and in 2014 the Washout Wheat took home a Bronze Medal.  I would recommend a few half pints of these two.  Other notable beers are their Yeast Wrangler Double IPA, Chucktown Follicle Brown Ale, and Holy City Pilsner.

Third Stop ===> Freehouse Brewery.  Located at 2895 Pringle Street Suite B in North Charleston.   My favorite beers from Freehouse are usually their Saisons and Farmhouse Ales.  Luckily for you, they usually have them for sale by the bottle to enjoy at home.  Other recommendations are their Folly's Pride Blonde and Green Door IPA.  Perhaps try a pint of one of these, and grab one of their bottled options to go.

Pro Tip:  All three of these breweries sell packaged beer, so bring a cooler with ice and stock up on a bunch of good beer. 

Brew Tour 3- The Downtown Drink It Down
This tour features three breweries that are located in the City of Charleston, and within close proximity.  This tour can be done on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  On Thursday and Friday, you can start the tour at 3pm, and Saturday at 1pm.

First Stop ===> Palmetto Brewing Company.  Located at 289 Huger Street in Charleston.  This brewery boasts a beautiful tasting room as well as it's the oldest brewery operating in the Charleston area.  Check out some of their artifacts from Charleston breweries dating back from the late 1800's and early 1900's. I would recommend starting this tour with a pint, or perhaps a few half pints.  Recommended beers are their Pale Ale, Espresso Porter, and Homefront IPA.

Second Stop ===> Revelry Brewing.  Located at 10 Conroy Street in Charleston, and only 1/2 mile from Palmetto Brewing.  Revelry just opened up a brand new roof top bar, so be sure to check this out.  I would recommend a flight, and here our a few of my favorites you may want to include in your tasting:  Funkmaster Brett &The Furious Hops, Lefty Loosey IPA, and Poke The Bear.  If they have it, I recommend grabbing a bottle of their Jackson With Peach to go.

Third Stop ===> Cooper River Brewing.  Located at 2201-B Mechanic St. in Charleston, and less than a mile and a half from Revelry.  Cooper River offers their beers in 5 oz sample glasses, half a pint, or full pints.  I would recommend trying a few 5 oz samples. My favorites are their Stout, Porter (Nitro version), and Scottish Red Ale.

Pro Tip: Edmund's Oast is located close to all three of these breweries, and is a can't miss for great food and great beer.  They brew their own, as well as have one of the best draft beer selections in the Charleston area.  Perhaps head there for dinner after your brew tour. 

Email me at if you have any questions or would like any more recommendations.

For a full list of Charleston Breweries and their tasting room hours, click here.


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