Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Interview with Twisted Cypress Brewing

 I got a chance recently to chat with the guys from the guys from Twisted Cypress Brewing Company.  If you are  not familiar with the name, they are a new brewery coming to West Ashley hopefully by the end of the year.  Just check out the interview to learn more about these guys.  

 Who are the folks behind Twisted Cypress, and how did you come up with the name?

 "Twisted Cypress consists of three owners and friends, Richard Gubsch, Hunter Eisele, and a silent partner who   all share a passion for brewing great beer and chasing the American Dream of building a business from the    ground up. The twisted cypress tree is a member of cypress family; a genus known for adaptability and  longevity, both traits we hope to embody in our beer and our business.  The cypress tree is a staple of the  Southeastern US and a symbol we hope to make synonymous with outstanding Charleston brewed beer.    Further, like the cypress tree, we aim to have our products distributed exclusively and abundantly throughout the  Southern region.  Actually the name came from pairing random adjectives with the silent partner's favorite word    'cypress'."

 When do you hope to open?

 "We hope to open this Fall, however this is mainly contingent upon our licensing.  We have received word that  we have been approved for our SC license thus far, but are awaiting word on our Federal.  Hopefully in the next  month or so we will be holding soft openings." 
 *According to a recent Facebook post, they hope for a soft opening in early December

 What can you tell me about the equipment you will be working with?

 "We are starting on a small pilot one barrel system which will be replaced by a 10 barrel system once we secure  funding." 

 What types of beer can we expect? 

 "All kinds of good stuff!  Our beers that we plan on distributing are our three "mainstays", our Dark Harbor Black  IPA, Spottail Amber Ale, and our Carolina Common.  We plan on having more novel flavors available in our  taproom, as well as rotating seasonal and experimental batches."

 Where do you see Twisted Cypress in 5 years?

 "Being distributed throughout the Southeast and expanding our empire!  We hope to have outgrown our current  location at 1897 Sam Rittenberg Blvd and be seeking a larger local.  We'd like to keep the original location and  have it serve as a taproom and live R&D facility."

 When you guys aren't drinking your own beer, what are you drinking?

 Rich- "I enjoy pretty much everything Great Lakes Brewing Co. makes, really enjoy Green Mans Rainmaker IPA  (while I'm not really into IPA's this one is very well balanced), and I find Coast makes an excellent Kolsh. Of  course Coors Banquet is always a great choice when one wants a nice cheap, but great tasting option."

 Hunter - "Other than enjoying our many local options and the occasional Asheville getaway, the Bourbon Barrel  Aged People's Porter from Foothills is what really got me interested in craft beer.  The Poblano Stout from Big  Choice, Apricot Blonde from Drydock, Vanilla Porter from Breckenridge, and KBS from Founders are all  favorites.  I recently found a Coffee Red from Salt Marsh that was amazing!"

  Silent Partner - "Personally, I enjoy the seasonality of styles and flavors and choose accordingly to the time of  year. I really enjoyed Sierra Nevada's Otra Vez over the summer, and now that it's fall I've transitioned to all  things Oktoberfest and pumpkin flavored.  I am currently enjoying Warsteiner's Oktoberfest, as well as Sierra  Nevada's collaboration with Mahrs Brau on an Oktoberfest.  You'd most likely find me sipping a Weissbier or  Witbeir style beverage."

 Thanks Twisted Cypress for taking the time to answer my questions, at a time when I know you are super busy.  It's much appreciated.  I for one am super excited for Twisted Cypress' possible December opening.  I will  certainly keep an on their Facebook page, as should you.



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