Thursday, December 22, 2016

Charleston vs. Asheville

Six years ago, when I moved to Charleston, the brewery scene was kind of weak.  Back then, we had Palmetto and Coast Brewing that were established.  Pretty darn good breweries, but two breweries...really???  Things were looking up though.  Westbrook was just about to open, followed by Holy City, Free House, and Frothy Beard.  Now the brewery scene was starting to look pretty decent.  Fast forward to the end of 2016, and we are looking at around twenty breweries, and another ten or so working on opening up in the next year or two.

Six years ago, Asheville was my go to place if I wanted to "beercation."  A Beercation is a trip or vacation that someone takes to specifically drink a different region's available beers, or attend a specific beer event/beer release. Asheville is high on many of a list as a great place to beercation.  It has around thirty breweries and has been named "Beer City USA" every year since 2009.  Recently, I got to how does Charleston stack up against Asheville, in terms of the local brewery scene?

Although I always love my annual trip to Asheville, I think we can start making a case here in Charleston that we are growing into a pretty nice little "Beer City."  One worthy of a "beercation."

Photo from "Visit Asheville" Facebook Page
Let's examine. Asheville has these behemoths: Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Oskar Blues.  Asheville has this: Wicked Weed...YUM!!!  Asheville also has: Catawba, Green Man, Wedge, Burial, Hi-Wire, Sweeten Creek, Bhramari, LAB, One World, Twin Leaf, Asheville Pizza and Brewing, French Broad, Oyster House, Asheville Brewing, Thirsty Monk, Highland, Altamont, Biltmore Brewing, Upcountry... as well as a few more.

Photo From "Visit Charleston, SC" Facebook Page
Charleston has: Palmetto, Westbrook, Coast, Holy City, Freehouse, Frothy Beard, Tradesman, Revelry, Oak Road, Cooper River, Fat Pig, Low Tide, Ghost Monkey, Two Blokes, Lo-Fi, Edmund's Oast, Fatty's Beer Works, Snafu, and Charles Town Fermentory.  Also, coming soon we have another 5-10 breweries in the works. Things in Charleston are looking pretty darn good if you ask me!

Okay, so maybe we don't have the BIG DOGS in the house, but if you take them (Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, and Oskar Blues) out of the equation, I think Charleston goes toe to toe with Asheville.  What do ya'll think?



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