Saturday, November 26, 2011

Charleston Brews Cruise Review!

Last Saturday I finally went on the Charleston Brews Cruise.  I had been wanting to go since the Brews Cruise first came to Charleston a few months ago.  This was the perfect time to go since my big bro was coming into town to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here's some info from the Charleston Brews Cruise website: "Charleston is known for its rich history, beautiful beaches, friendly people and now, for its beer!  Experience a taste of Charleston’s flourishing beer scene with an exclusive tour of the local craft breweries.  Our tours offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the art, science and passion inside every glass of great beer, all while enjoying generous samples of unique Charleston brews.  From pale ales to porters, ESBs to IPAs, there’s sure to be beer to suit every taste and you’re sure to discover local favorites. So sit back and relax because we’re doing the driving."

Basically it's a van tour of local breweries/brewpubs in the area.  Establishments they visit are: Palmetto Brewing, Coast Brewing, Westbrook Brewing, Holy City Brewing, Southend Brewery, and The Liberty Tap Room.  On each tour they bring you to 3 of those establishments, and which ones will depend on the day.  On our Saturday Brews Cruise, we went to Coast Brewing, Westbrook Brewing, and The Liberty Tap Room.  If one were to go on say a Thursday, you would get to see Coast Brewing, Westbrook Brewing, and Holy City Brewing.  They operate everyday except for Sundays.

Standard Tours cost $45 (there is a 10% discount for locals) and include:

-Four to five 4oz samples at each brewery
-Snacks, Water, Goodie Bags (Brews Cruise sticker, coupon for Charleston Beer Exchange and Laura Alberts Tasetful Options)
-Cooler on van for Growler, 22oz Bomber, or 6 pack purchase from the brewery
-Tours last approximately 3.5 hours 

Personally, we had a great time on the Charleston Brews Cruise.  Brent (owner and van driver) is an awesome guy who is very knowledgable and personable.  When you get to the breweries/brewpub, you are greeted by someone who works there and are given some great information about the establishment.  I have been to each of the breweries before and found that the information given to you when you are on the Charleston Brews Cruise is definitely more extensive than if you went on your own.  It makes you feel like you're getting VIP attention!  I am glad I got a chance to go with my big bro.  We both had a great time and would definitely do it again.   Here's some pics of our day!

 The Brews Cruise van.  We had about 12 people on the tour!

 Brent (owner) giving us a run down of our day.

 First stop was Coast Brewing!

 All 4 beers were awesome!

 The brewery may be small, but the beer has BIG flavor!


 Jamie (co-owner of Coast Brewing)

 Next stop, Westbrook brewing!

What a beautiful tasting room!
 Co-owner Morgan showing us the barrel room!

 Last stop, The Liberty Tap Room!

Giving us some info about the beer and then you can order some food if you want to!

If you haven't yet been on the Charleston Brews Cruise, it's definitely a worthwhile trip for craft beer lovers.  Whether you are a local or visiting, it's a great time.  It's a great opportunity to see Charleston's local breweries, get some VIP treatment along the way, all the while enjoying a safe ride.  To make a reservation click here or call (843) 860-9847. 


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