Friday, August 5, 2016

Holy Charleston Breweries!

I started this website/blog a little more than 5 years ago, back in May 2011.  I started the site because of my love for Charleston, love of craft beer, and that I wanted to document the growth of the craft beer scene.

Back in May 2011, there were four breweries: Palmetto, Coast, Westbrook, and Holy City was just about to open.   I met the guys from Frothy Beard that summer and in August of 2011 attended a tasting at their Sumter Street apartment.   This was when they were considered homebrewers, dreaming of going pro one day.   The beers they had at the tasting were:  Marion Square Blonde Ale, Solaris Wheat Ale,Kokiri Sorachi Pale Ale,  Gordon's Ginger Ale, Tides of Galloway Irish Red, and Holy Heat Wave Smoked Amber Ale.   Wow, 5 years later and Frothy Beard have realized their dreams and are currently in the middle of expanding on those dreams!  Happy for those guys!  I also want to know are those 6 beers I tried back in 2011 still a part of the Frothy repoitoire?  Tides of Galloway surely is, since they still have a beer called that, but is the Holy Heat Wave Smoked Amber Ale I tried back in 2011, now Smoky The Ambear? Is Gordon's Ginger Ale, the famous Zingiber?  What an opportunity I had back then, meeting these guys, and trying these beers.  See the write up from that night here.

Fast forward 5 years later, and we now have:

1) Palmetto
2) Coast
3) Westbrook
4) Holy City
5) Frothy Beard
6) Freehouse
7) Tradesman
8) Revelry
9) Edmund's Oast (brewpub)
10) Oak Road
11) Cooper River
12) Fat Pig
13) Ghost Monkey
14) Fatty's Beer Works
15) Two Blokes
16) Lo-Fi
17) Low Tide
18) Southend (brewpub)

Wow!!! The Charleston craft beer scene is growing faster than my dad-bod beer belly.  Oh wait, we also have the following breweries/brewpubs coming soon:

1) Snafu (coming REAL soon!)
2) Rusty Bull
3) Twisted Cypress
4) Pawleys Island Brewing Company
5) Charles Towne Fermentory
6) Famulari's (brewpub)
7) Blue Root
8) Dockery's (brewpub)
9) Octohops Homebrew (they are working on a brewery name)
10) Olde Charlestowne
11) Drifter Brewing

Did I miss any?

So in a few years, we will be looking at 25-30 breweries at the minimum.  So how do we/will we compare to Asheville, NC?  Personally, I love where Charleston is right now in terms of craft beer and I love even more where it is headed.   What do ya'll think about the state of craft beer in Charleston?

(Click here for more info on all the current and up and coming breweries. )


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