Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Post Brewvival Top 10 and Pics!

This 2014 Charleston Brewvival was the best yet in my opinion.  Cheers to Coast Brewing and the guys from Charleston Beer Exchange for putting together a kick @$$ event at a time when they are busier than ever with the recent opening of Edmund's Oast and Coast's expansion.  Less than 365 days until Brewvival 2015.  Let the countdown begin.  Prior to Brewvival we posted our Brewvival top 10 beers we were most interested in sampling.  After sampling them all and many others, these are the top 10 we enjoyed the most!

Brandon’s Top Ten Brewvival Beers 

10. Freehouse BreweryLucky Oyster Stout (Randallaized) Ok…I’ve been in Charleston about ten years and if there is a quintessential seafood creature for the Lowcountry (one that actually comes from here!) then I’d have to say the Lucky Oyster Stout was very Charleston and very tasty. After they ran the beer through the freshly steamed (I’m assuming I saw the shells by the bank) you got a slight, but solid taste to the already solid beer.

9. Westbrook Brewery-Mr. Chipper-the beer just delivers on so many levels. As far as sours go, boom this one I’d welcome back again and again.

8. Local Option: Bourbon-Barrel Aged Kentucky Common…Okay I was very biased and loved this beer for all the reasons one loves beer and bourbon. Sweet, almost sour type flavor, with nice vanilla notes on the tail end. Highly recommend and the draft version did not disappoint. 

7. Frothy Beard- Persimmion Saision (we helped brew it..or rather Reece and Scott did!) Very earthy take on the style. Good job!!

6. Jester King- Artirial Rubicite- ok this was very first beer I ran and got…I wasn’t the only one as the line became looooong after 5 minutes, but it’s all good. Overall, cool fruity, berry infused take on their Farmhouse ales, but overall wasn’t as good (in my humble opinion) as some of their other amazing beers.

5. Allagash Brewing- Wow, as far as non-local breweries I thought Allagash TOOK THE CAKE!! Their beers were hands down amazing, so the 5 spot goes to their whole line-up: James Bean, Matinna Rose, and Winslow. I want to give particular mention to Winslow…It was aged in Rum barrels and was very tasty. Very smooth and delicate on the mouth.

4. 7th Sun- Their Brett IPA was fabulous…that is all!
3. COAST 2010 Blackbeard. Loved the age. Flavors were great, thought it held its own to any bourbon-barrel aged beer…

2. Stone-Red-wine Barrel Aged Cali-Beligigue IPA- Holy shit….I had more of these then I’ll admit here (okay 4!!!). Reminded me of the Allagash Interlude a bit, but I thought was more drinkable, yet retained elements of the original wine barrels, while I could still tell what the original beer was.

1. HOLY FUCKING WEED! Alright, I’m an IPA fan at heart…So naturally Double IPAS are always a source of contention for me. Lately I’ve enjoyed Hopslam and Shanes DIPA (Westbrook), but this beer was all things for me. Sweet, almost biting initial hit on the front of your tounge. As the beer rolls through your mouth, you can feel it turn from sweetish to full bitter, and all too suddenly balances out to a smooth 

Scott's Top 10 Beers He Remembers Drinking

1. Holy Weed- Holy City/Wicked Weed Collaboration Double IPA
2. Terrapin Cinnamon Roll'd Wake-n-Bake
3. Coast 2010 Blackbeerd
4. Southbound Brewing Thickfreakness
5.  Westbrook Mr. Chipper 
6. River Dog Brewing Kreekside Kriek w/ dark cherries (cask)
7. Terrapin Red Wine Barrel Aged Monk's Revenge
8. Foothills Children of the Blue Corn IPA 
9.  Holy City/Southbound Brewing Sister City Saison
10. RJ Rockers Peachy King

Reece's Top 10 Beers

1- Stillwater Artisinal Remix Project Nebuchadnezzar Cask w/ Citra & Chinook
2- Holy City/Wicked Weed Holy Weed
3- New Belgium Love's Leopold
4- Against the Grain Berwynerweiss Berlinerweisse
5- Brewery 85 Sour Session Batch 001
6- Against the Grain Wrath of the Krauth of Khan
7- Quest Citra Dry Hopped Ellida IPA (cask)
8- Jester King Atrial Rubicite
9- Dogfish Head White Wine Barrel-Aged Noble Rot
10- Terrapin Red Wine Barrel-Aged Monk's Revenge

What was your favorite beer(s) from this year's Brewvival?

Check out my pics from the day!


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