Friday, February 21, 2014

Brewvival Eve Top Ten List

We are Charleston Craft Beer are super stoked for the big day tomorrow!  We recently took some time to look over the beer list for tomorrow's Brewvival and formulated our top 10 beers we are each most excited about.  Check out each of our lists and comment with your own top 10!  See ya'll at Brewvival.  Look for me, I will be wearing my drinking shoes.

Reece's Top 10 (with commentary, as he's the talker of the bunch!)

10. Quest Smoking Mirror Porter w/ bacon and granny smith apples (cask) – I’ve heard great things about this brewery, and I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try them out. Add to that the fact that they are throwing this off-the-wall cask at us, and you have a situation that may involve some shoving.
9. Brewery 85 Yeoman's Brown Ale w/ Briess malt balls and Sweeteeth port wine caramel sauce (cask) – Again, a new SC brewery and a very interesting cask offering.
8. River Dog Kreekside Kriek – New SC brewery I haven’t had yet, sour, cask. Enough said.
7. Freehouse Tropical Ashley – I’ve really enjoyed the offerings from this rookie brewery I’ve had the honor to sample so far, and their cask-conditioned ale is one of the ones on the list that strikes a balance between “Meh,” and “But...why did you put that in there?”
6. Bell’s Black Note – Because, as a beer geek, I think I’m legally required to have this on my top 10 list.
5. Jester King Atrial Rubicite – See #7.
4.  Stillwater Nebuchadnezzar w/ Citra and Chinook – This one makes my homebrewer senses tingle. Farmhouse yeast on a double IPA? Cask conditioned on Citra and Chinook? WHAT?! That, ladies and gentlemen, is what “striking a chord” feels like.
3. New Belgium Love’s Leopold – La Folie was the beer that got me hooked on sour styles and continues to be one of my favorites. The only thing that could be better is an amped-up version.
2. Holy City Holy Weed – Holy City = Local and awesome. Wicked Weed = somewhat less local and pants-crappingly awesome. Put them together, and there is a chance that a small black hole of awesomeness will open up over Brewvival Field on Saturday.
1. Frothy Beard Persimmon Saison – BECAUSE WE MADE IT WITH THEM!

Brandon’s Beers to Try

10.  Freehouse Brewery Lucky Oyster Stout (randalizeed)
9.  Fullsteam Brewery Sour Working Man’s Lunch
8.  Holy City and Wicked Weed's Holy Weed (Wicked Weed Collaboration)
7.  River Dog Brewery Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-aged Quad
6.  Smuttynose Brewing 2009 Big A IPA
5.  Terrapin Red Wine barrel Aged Monk’s Revenge
4.  Southbound Brewing Thickfreakness
3.  Thomas Creek Up the Creek Extreme IPA (cask)
2.  Conquest Brewvival Saison
1.  Jester King Atrial Rubicite (OMG!)

Scott's Tops

10. Against The Grain Bo & Luke (holy alcohol batman...13% imperial stout)
9.  Terrapin Mosaic (cask) (love Mosaic and interested to taste the cask version)
8.  Stone Brewing Red Wine Barrel-Aged Cali-Belgique IPA (love anything aged in red wine barrels)
7. Holy City Brewing/Southbound Brewing Sister City Saison (2 of my favorite brewers...united!)
6. Coast Brewing 2010 Blackbeerd (because Coast's Blackbeerd is always ridic!)
5. Bell's Brewery Black Note Stout (If Reece is a Beer Geek then I'm a Beer Nerd)
4. Foothills Brewery Peabody's Blendiculous Series 2: Children of the Blue Corn (the name alone does it for me)
3.  Jester King Atrial Rubicite (BA Score of 100...hello)
2.  Oskar Blues Honey Saffron Deviant (cask) (love their regular Deviant...this is gonna be tasty)
1.  Frothy Beard/Charleston Craft Beer Collaboration Persimmon Saison (like Reece said, we helped brew it)

Cheers, and don't forgot to comment/reply with your own top 10!


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