Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My what a bushy beard you have!

Love the logo!
I recently reached out to my "Frothy Bearded" friend Michael Biondi and asked if he could provide the followers of Charleston Craft Beer an update.  He kindly obliged, and here it is in his own words:

So it has come to our attention that people have asked you, who are these bearded band of brewers?  Where can I find this brewery that keeps popping up in books, blogs, news paper articles, and brewery tour advertisements?  We hear about them but can't seem to find their beer or their brewery.  Well for those of you that haven't heard of us before, we are and will be the Frothy Beard Brewing Company.  We are not in production as of yet but we are getting really close.  We are currently in the process of finding a building to house our equipment.  Once that is accomplished we should be on the quick path to opening and operating.  In the mean time we are by no means an inactive entity.  We are trying to stay active within the boundaries of the law and the scope of our dreams.  Maybe you have had the chance to come to one of our tasting parties that happen infrequently or maybe you have tried our home brewed wares at various parties around the lowcountry, either way we appreciate the support so far that has come from the community at large.  In the next few weeks we are also taking part in a few amazing events around town.

An update on our plans might also alleviate some of the curiosity in what is going on with this mysterious brewing group.  Our plans are to open up a nano-brewery with less than a 2bbl brew house operating to bring to Charleston hand crafted small batch beer.  Many people ask, well what will your flagships be?  Where will your beer be served?  That is still in the works but I can say, it won't be served all over town at first and our style will try to keep you on your toes.  We started out as home brewers with a goal to be local, seasonal, green and community orientated which we plan to maintain through our growth.  We hope to maintain a close knit relationship with the brewing community here in town which includes the other breweries, the tap rooms, CBX, and the home brewer association Lowcountry Libations.  We wouldn't be where we are now without these already important organizations cultivating our love of beer and hope to compliment the already awesome beer culture we currently have in this city.

A little more about ourselves, we are a trio of brewers, Michael, Steve and Joey, that have known each other for over 10 years and have been brewing together for 6 years now.  We all moved to Charleston together as a unit almost 5 years ago and have fallen in love with the holy city since and decided to plant our hopes and dreams here.  We know the culture here is perfect for what we wish to bring to Charleston.

If you do want to keep up with us, as always you can follow us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/frothybeardbrewing or in the next two weeks you can find us participating in events hosted by the Tin Roof (March 24th) and 17 North Roadside Kitchen (April 1st).  Details for these events are found on our Facebook page.



Frothy Beard Brewing Company
(864) 723-6450


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