Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Opinion Of The Westbrook Wine Barrel Tripels!

I previously reviewed Westbrook's Wine Barrel Tripel aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels.  It was definitely a beer I enjoyed thoroughly!  See the review here.  Since my football team (NY Giants) was in the Super Bowl, I had to go all out and enjoy the big game with some quality craft beer.  Part of the beer lineup for the day included Westbrook's other two Wine Barrel Tripels (The one aged in Malbec barrels and the other aged in Pinot Noir barrels).  This would give me the full experience of tasting all three of Westbrook's Wine Barrel Aged Tripels!  Great idea right!  I enjoyed all three and would definitely recommend them to anyone.  In order, here's how I rank them:

1) Westbrook Wine Barrel Tripel aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Barrels
2) Westbrook Wine Barrel Tripel aged in Malbec Wine Barrels
3) Westbrook Wine Barrel Tripel aged in Pinot Noir Wine Barrels

I liked the Tripel aged in Cabernet the best, and I think it's partly because Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite type of red wine.  I though the Cabernet wine flavor was very pronounced, which I enjoyed and was hoping for.  I thought that the Malbec also was very pronounced.  It was great tasting as well.  I think the difference for me comes down to I just like the flavor of Cabernet over Malbec.   In regards to the Pinot Noir Tripel, it was not as pronounced.  My father in law liked the Pinot Noir the best because of the fact it wasn't as pronounced.  Overall, all three were really enjoyable and I would recommend you try them if you are a fan of craft beer and red wine.

Here's some pics of the beers!

The Cabernet:

The Malbec:

The Pinot Noir:


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