Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review of "Charleston Beer" (The Book) By Timmons Pettigrew

This week I finally found time to read "Charleston Beer-A High-Gravity History of Lowcountry Brewing," by local Charlestonian Timmons Pettigrew.  This book came out in October of this year and I have been dying to read it.   I really enjoyed this book and had a tough time putting it down.  I woke up way too early this AM and couldn't get back to sleep, so I ended up reading the last 100 or so pages between the hours of 5 and 6am.

The author, Timmons Pettigrew, resides in West Ashley and is also the beer writer for TheDigitel Charleston.  This is Timmons first book, and what better topic than the history of brewing beer in Charleston.  The book is 116 pages long plus a 12 page Charleston Beer Guide that lists all the breweries, brewpubs, restaurants and retail stores that have a good craft beer selection in the Charleston area.  Each establishment has their address listed, web address, and a nice paragraph long description of the place.   This is definitely an excellent part of the book that I think others would enjoy.  You may find a few local places that you didn't know about.

This book is a very comprehensive account of the history of brewing in Charleston.  It covers the time period from the early 1700's all the way up to 2011.  I found it very interesting to learn about the early breweries that existed in Charleston as well as how the current breweries in the Charleston area came to be.  I also found it interesting learning about the crazy beer laws that the State of South Carolina had and still has, and how one co-owner of an awesome Charleston brewery nearly single-handly fought to change the law.  I want to thank her for the 9% ABV Imperial Stout I am drinking while writing this review.  Without her, it may not have been possible.

"Charleston Beer" is a great read and will be enjoyed by all you local craft beer geeks and history buffs alike. You can find the book pretty easily throughout the Charleston area.  I have seen it for sale at most of the breweries and beer stores throughout Charleston, as well as at the local Barnes and Noble stores.  In addition, you could buy it through my Amazon store on this website for about $13.

Lastly, I want to also give credit to Chrys Rynearson for doing an awesome job taking the photographs for the book.  The book has a ton of pictures in it, and that is another very enjoyable part of this book. Great work Chrys!


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