Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beer Book Reviews-Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher!

Radical Brewing, written by Randy Mosher, is definitely one of my favorite beer books!  It's definitely geared towards homebrewers, but I think anyone with an interest in craft beer may enjoy reading this book, and it may even convince them to get into homebrewing.  What I like best about this book is the awesome homebrewing recipes that are out of the ordinary.  Actually, the recipes are pretty damn radical!  Click here for list of all the recipes featured in the book.  I have done a few of them and can testify they come out really good!  I find myself browsing this book more than any other beer book I own.  Nearly every recipe featured has an all-grain recipe as well an extract recipe.   This makes it a good book for both beginners and more experienced homebrewers.

 The book starts with a concise intro to beer, homebrewing, and the ingredients that make up beer.  It also discusses tasting beer, before it moves on to the best part....the radical recipes!  There are over 100 recipes, from a variety of beer styles.  The author presents chapters loosely organized by style to include British ales, lagers, big brews, herb beers, fruit beers, Belgian beers, non-barley beers, ancient beers, mead, organics, etc...   Throughout each chapter, besides recipes, the author provides interesting brewing techniques, history, interesting facts, and anecdotes related to the beer or beer style.  If you don't have this book yet, it's worth checking it out at Barnes and Noble, and thumbing through it to see if you like it.  I think you will!  Or just take my word for it!

Some of my favorite recipes in this book:

India Red Ale (this was a nice hoppy red ale that my friends loved)
Belgian-American IPA (love me this hoppy belgian)
Saison Buffoon (perfect summer beer)
Pudgy McBuck's Celebrated Cocoa Porter (I go coo coo for this one)
Spiced Bourbon Stout (may brew this one for winter)

Other interesting recipes:
1776 Porter
Oatmeal Cookie Ale
Chocolate Mint Stout
Honey Ginger IPA
Chai Brown Ale
Smoked Habanero Amber Lager
Pilsener Wine
Black Pepper Porter
Jaggery Pale Ale
Spiced Cherry Dubbel

This book is highly recommend.  Check it out at the book store or you can purchase through my "Book Store" on this website for $13.  My copy cost me $19.95, so that is a pretty good price.


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