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50 States/50 Beer Reviews- Delaware

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales- Burton Baton Oak Aged Imperial IPA Beer Review

Taken from their website:
"The story of Dogfish Head began in June of 1995 when we opened Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, the state's first brewpub opened in the resort beach community of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The plan was to bring original beer, original food, and original music to the area.  Our very first batch, Shelter Pale Ale, was brewed on a system which essentially was three little kegs with propane burners underneath. Brewing 12–gallon batches of beer for a whole restaurant proved to be more than a full time job. When the doors to the pub first opened, we brewed three times a day, five days a week! The one benefit to brewing on such a small system was the ability to try out a myriad of different recipes. We quickly got bored brewing the same things over and over – that’s when we started adding all sorts of weird ingredients and getting kind of crazy with the beers!  With the popularity of the pub growing, it was quickly apparent that the 12–gallon brewery would not keep up with demand. We built a new brewery and underwent a thirty-fold expansion of the brew house!  We began bottling our Shelter Pale Ale in 1996 and just 1 year later we expanded again – this time we separated the packaging operation from the restaurant, and kept on brewing! By 1999, we were up to five year–round bottled brands in about a dozen states.  We outgrew our distributing brewery in a couple years and in the summer of 2002; we moved our entire production brewery up the road to Milton, Delaware into a 100,000 square foot converted cannery. Around the same time (just to keep thing interesting), we built a distillery on the second floor of our Rehoboth Beach brewpub, so we could make vodka, rum and gin."

The Dogfish Head portfolio is too big to list here.  Click here to see it!

Burton Baton is a blended beer that Dogfish Head has been brewing for the past couple of years.  They first brew two batches of beer: An English-Style Old Ale and an Imperial IPA.  After fermenting separately, the two are transferred and blended in a large oak tank and sits on the wood for about a month.  This beer is brewed and released three times per year. 

Tasting Notes

Appearance:  Pours a hazy reddish copper color with a big off white thin head.  The head slowly thins     and your left with a thin head that sticks around for the duration.

Smell:   Intense piney and fruity hop aroma coupled with a nice malty sweetness, as well as a hint of oak.  Very nice!

Taste:  Delicious and complex.  Piney and Fruity hop to start then the sweet malt is enough to balance it out.  Oak flavor is there, but not overpowering.  Just right.  
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with medium carbonation.  Has a creaminess to it!

Overall:  Nicely balanced beer with many different flavors to enjoy.  Gets better and better as it warms up.  Can't believe it's 10%!!!  I want another!

Grade: A-
Serving Type: 12 oz Bottle
Stats: Alcohol by Volume 10.0%
International Bittering Units: 70

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