Monday, January 20, 2014

Unnamed Saison- A Frothy Beard and Charleston Craft Beer Collaboration Beer!

A few weeks before Christmas break, our friends from The Frothy Beard Brewing Company asked if we wanted to do a collaboration beer.  Damn right we do!!!  So we got together just before Christmas
and hashed out a recipe over some Frothy Beer.  We decided we would brew a Saison, and because Frothy had recently received some Persimmons (it's a fruit), we figured we might as well use the Persimmons in some way to make this beer unique.  Perhaps it will be EPIC!!!

Our brew day was last Wednesday night, and it will be ready for a Brewvival Release!  Wait what???  The guys from Frothy Beard want to release it for the first time at Brewvival!  Already, before I even taste the finished product, this experience is EPIC to us craft beer loving dudes at Charleston Craft Beer!  Thank you your Royal Frothyness.  We are not worthy...but do appreciate it immensely!

Here's the recipe:

Belgian Pils  78 lbs
Vienna Malt  22 lbs
White Wheat Malt 10 lbs

Sterling 5 oz for 60 minutes
Palisade 2 oz for 30 minutes
Palisade 3 oz for 15 minutes

Southyeast Labs Saison #1  (A blend of 4 different strains!)

Other Ingredients
Persimmons (Will be added during Primary and Secondary Fermentation)

Original Gravity

Final Gravity
Still waiting for it to get done fermenting...stay tuned



The brew day went really well.  Michael from Frothy Beard took the lead, while Reece and I (Scott) helped out.  We got to drink some tasty Frothy Beard Beer and enjoy some delicious Pepperoni Rolls from the guys who run Pep Rolls.  All in all, it was a great time and we can't wait to see you all at Brewvival.  Please be sure to stop by The Frothy Beard Brewing Company's table and try the Unnamed Persimmon Saison.  Oh and help us come up with a kick @$$ name for it.   We only have a month to come up with a name so shoot it our way or Frothy Beards way.

Check out more brew day pics below.




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