Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recap of the Frothy Beard Brewing Bel-Gem Belgian Beer and Belgian Waffle Bruch!!

This past Saturday I attended the Frothy Beard Bel-Gem Belgian Beer and Belgian Waffle event at the Tin Roof in West Ashley.  I had a great time with the Frothy Bearded guys from the Frothy Beard Brewing Company, and thought it was a great turn out.  For $15, I got many three nice sized pours of their 3 Belgian Beers they had on tap (Hell's Bellgian Pale,  Out At Third Triple, and the Belgian Pi) and a waffle from Bel-Gem.   This was not my first taste of the Frothy Beard's beers, but it was my first taste of their Belgian Beers.   I thought the Hell's Bellgian Pale was a tasty Pale Ale with a slight Belgian twist to it.  Highly, highly poundable drinkable!!  The Out at Third Triple weighed in at a whopping 10% ABV.  I really liked it, and loved that it was 10% but tasted like a 7% beer.  The Belgian Pi (3.14) was also really good.  I love the clever name for it.  When I asked Michael from Frothy Beard what they were gonna have on tap, he mentioned a "not quite a quad."  I wasn't sure what he meant, but now I do.   The Pi is more than a Triple but not quite a Quad, hence the 3.14.  Clever boys, very clever!   If I was forced to rank the three beers,  I would rank them like so:
1) Out at Third Triple
2) Belgian Pi
3)  Hell's Bellgian Pale

Honestly though, I liked all three quite a bit!  Can't wait to see what they have brewed up for next week's Lowcountry Beer Festival which will take place on April 1st at 17 North in Mt. Pleasant.

 I held out until the very end until I got my waffle, but that was definitely worth the wait.  Bel-Gem makes some fantastic freakin' waffles let me tell you.  At first I wondered where was the syrup and the fork?  I guess when the waffle is that good, you don't need syrup.  Who needs fork anyways too!! I dug in and ate every last crumb!

Now enjoy the pics and video I took from the event!



And the video!

Keep checking their facebook and this blog for my updates on The Frothy Beard Brewing Company.



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