Monday, October 17, 2011

Charlotte Oktoberfest Recap!

On Oktober 8th, the wifey and I took a road trip to Charlotte for the annual Charlotte Oktoberfest .  Apparently this was the 13th year of the beer festival (our 1st).  As a member of the Low Country Libations Homebrew Club here in Charleston, we were given an opportunity by the organizers of the festival to donate a keg of our homebrew for a free VIP Ticket.  This is one of the few beer festivals that have a homebrew section to sample home made beer.  I thought it would be cool to have one of my beers on tap at this festival so I decided I was going to donate a keg of my Oaked Bourbon Stout.  That would secure my ticket, and we quickly bought a ticket for the wifey.  It cost us $35 for a regular admission ticket.  Not too shabby!

I would definitely attend this beer festival again.  We had a great time for sure.  Some of the highlights were:

1) Homebrew tent was awesome.  Tons and Tons of homebrew!!!
2) It was cool to have my beer on tap and to watch other people taste it and see their reactions.  Most people seemed to like it, though I realize it's not a beer for everyone.
3) Lots of breweries from the Southeast showcasing their beers, as well as breweries from across the country.
4) A huge outdoor venue with a ton of space.
5) Price was reasonable.
6) Over 70 different breweries represented!
7) Over 200 different homebrews to taste!
8) The huge tasting glasses as well a fancy program (Event Guide).

Here are some pics from the day!

The homebrew tent (Low Country Libations Section)

Our Logo is Awesome!
 The Oaked Bourbon Stout was mine!

Cheers to huge tasting glasses!

Me drinking my Oaked Bourbon Stout!

 Thank goodness the wifey shares my love for beer!

One brewery that stood out for me was Four Friends Brewing located in Charlotte!

 The homebrew tent was popular!

 Nice and open atmosphere!

 High quality program with Brewery/Beer List!

I would definitely recommend attending this beer festival.  It was about a 3 hour ride, and the hotels nearby had deals on rooms (we paid $85).  I hope to attend again next year, and maybe donate 2 kegs of my homebrew.



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