Monday, September 5, 2011

The Sixer! With Edward Westbrook of Westbrook Brewing

The Sixer!

Here's a Six Pack of questions that I recently asked Edward Westbrook (Owner/Brewer) of Westbrook Brewing.  

 Mr. Westbrook himself!

1) What do you love best about being an owner of a brewery, as well as the head brewer?

"Being able to do something I love everyday.  Also, drinking freshly dry-hopped IPA from the tank is pretty awesome."

2) What Westbrook beer do you find yourself drinking the most? 

"Right now I'm loving the IPA.  I feel like it gets better and better with each new batch.  We're always tweaking little things here and there to improve our processes."

3) What are your goals for Westbrook Brewing five years down the road?

"To still be having fun doing what we do!"

4) When will 6 packs and 22 oz be available?

"6 packs of White Thai and IPA cans should be rolling out in late September, assuming everything goes well.  22oz bottles of some of the seasonals and 750s of barrel aged stuff could be making an appearance in October/November."

5) Do you have any secret brews up your sleeve for Charleston Brewvival 2012?

"Yes :)"

6) Would you be open to doing a collaboration brew with one of Charleston's other breweries?






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